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Building the Future of Audiovisual Excellence: Innovative Products and Technologies for Seamless Integration and Unmatched Performance

Madrix Lighting Control

Elevate your LED project with unparalleled pixel mapping capabilities. MADRIX specializes in delivering robust and intuitive control solutions for creative LED lighting. Across the globe, spectacular installations gain vibrancy and dynamism through our premium software and hardware, proudly engineered in Germany.

Advatek Lighting

Unlock boundless creativity with Advatek's PixLite® LED pixel controllers, designed to handle projects of any scale or complexity with ease. With Advatek's pixel solutions, you're equipped to bring your vision to life, offering unmatched value, superior quality, and exceptional performance, ensuring your project shines regardless of its demands.

Pixel LED

Pixel LEDs are versatile lighting elements that can be individually controlled to display a wide range of colors and animations, enabling detailed and dynamic visual effects. They're widely used in architectural lighting, signage, and entertainment, offering endless creative opportunities for both functional and decorative lighting.

Dynamic LED

Dynamic LEDs offer lighting that changes in brightness, color, and pattern based on environmental conditions or user interactions. Perfect for smart homes, entertainment, and commercial settings, they enhance spaces with adaptable and interactive lighting solutions.

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