Frequently Asked Questions

What is DMX?

DMX is a lighting control protocol that allows you to have ultimate control over your lighting setup, usually through a DMX console.

What is Artnet?

Simply put, Artnet is the network form of a DMX.

What is an addressable LED?

Addressable LEDs are just like any other LEDs except they can be controlled separately to others.

What equipment do we need to control addressable LEDs?

The minimum you’d need is a power supply, controller and some addressable LEDs. Beyond that, some high end software, multiple computers, touchscreen interfaces, audio-reactive sensors – and yes, lots and lots of addressable LEDs.

What is a WS2812?

A variant of the World Semi IC chip – there are many out there and each have their own pros and cons.

What voltage do addressable LED’s come in?

Anything up to 48 volts.

Do I need a special power supply for my addressable LEDs?

This depends on what type of LED you have, but most commonly you just need a good quality constant voltage PSU.

Where can I find out more about what EnVisio do?

On our social channels which you can find all over our website and our soon-to-arrive YouTube channel – stick around!