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Transform Spaces with Envisio AV's Architectural Lighting Solutions

Envisio AV excels in bringing architectural visions to life with bespoke lighting solutions. Specializing in architectural lighting, we illuminate building facades, bridges, stadiums, and more, crafting not just lighting but an experience.

Our Architectural Lighting Services

Discover Envisio AV’s architectural lighting expertise in illuminating building facades, bridges, and stadiums. Specializing in large-scale installations and remote project management.

Architectural Area Lighting

We provide tailored lighting solutions for various architectural spaces, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Bridge Lighting

Our lighting designs for bridges not only ensure safety but also add a mesmerizing visual element to the cityscape.

Stadium Lighting

We specialize in stadium lighting that enhances both the spectator experience and the functionality for televised events.

Video Facades

Our video facade solutions bring buildings to life with dynamic, programmable displays.

Specializing in Large Scale Installations

As a Large Scale Architectural Installation and Control Specialist, Envisio AV is equipped to handle complex and expansive lighting projects. We blend creativity with technical expertise to create iconic and memorable architectural lighting displays.

Remote Project Management and Content Control

Our services extend to remote project management and content control, ensuring that every aspect of the lighting project is meticulously planned and executed, regardless of the location.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Whether it’s a historic bridge, a modern stadium, or an iconic building facade, Envisio AV is ready to bring your architectural lighting visions to reality. Contact us for a consultation and take the first step in transforming your architectural space.

At Envisio AV, we believe that architectural lighting is an art form that has the power to transform spaces and create experiences. Our dedication to innovative design and technical excellence makes us leaders in architectural lighting solutions.